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about me

Thanks for visiting my site.

I received my bachelor’s degree from Souther Connecticut State University in Studio Art.  While in college, I opened my first hair studio in New Haven, Ct. and spent time building a career in hair while earning my degree.

Now, having been in Boulder, Co since 2002, I’ve established a solid clientele at my  beehive hair studio   (which doubles as my art gallery).   This allows me the freedom to finally realize my dreams of being a painter. In 2012,  I began to find my voice.  In my  ‘we are stardust’ series and figurative works, I explore the connection between all life and the inevitable return to our beginnings …ashes to ashes, …or stardust if you will.  In the colorful pieces, I am using blue to represent the hope and peacefulness of our continuing energy transformed into the cosmos.  In the stark, somber pieces, I am attempting to express the more human experience; the struggle of choices made, the pain of love and loss.

I also have an affinity for realism.  The challenge of depicting something in a real way, while also making it uniquely my own, is somethings that gives me great satisfaction.  I work from my own photos, but did use an image from the web when working on my ‘lal baba’ piece.  His face was just too amazing to pass up.

I am constantly trying to challenge myself with new styles.  Abstract palette knife works have proven to be a great way to use color and bring spontaneity to my painting.  They also serve as a nice palette cleanser for my brain when I need a break from my other styles.

It’s a beautiful thing to find your path in life.  I hope that for everyone.