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about me

Thank you for visiting my site!

I received my bachelor’s degree from Southern Connecticut State University in Studio Art.  While in college, I opened my first hair studio in New Haven, Ct., and spent time building a career in hair while earning my degree.

Now, having been in Colorado since 2002, I’ve established my hair business, beehive hair studio , where I also have a working art studio and gallery.

Inspired by my gardens and the circle of life, my figurative works explore the connection we have with nature. These collections are my expression of the constant motion and transformation of life. 

The same inspiration has led me to realistic work as well. Although I love to work with many subjects, nature takes center stage in most of my pieces. My flower portraits and leaf paintings all begin with photo shoots of things I grow or find in my own yard. I love to capture them so that they may be remembered beyond their short, fleeting existence. 

I am constantly trying to challenge myself with new styles and mediums. Abstract palette knife works have proven to be a great way to use color in a new way, and bring spontaneity to my painting.  I started sculpting with wood and polymer clay, and began incorporating embroidery in my linoleum block prints. Each new effort energizes me, and sparks new ideas. 

If you find yourself in Wheat Ridge, CO, please stop by for a gallery viewing!